At the end of the year, we would like to recognize the scholars in the Tissue Microenvironment (TiMe) Program for their achievements. Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding work and effort in their research.

Emily Chen: Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship, MF3 Award; A.T. Widiger Chemical Engineering Fellowship

Jamila Hedhli: Top 5 Most Innovative Students on Campus Award

Jan Lumibao: MilliporeSigma Life Science Award in Tumor Biology, Finalist; Illinois Nutrition Symposium, Oral Session 1 Winner; Illinois Division of Nutritional Sciences, Margin of Excellence Research Award and William Rose Endowment Award

Sisi He: ENDO 2018, Endocrine Society’s EndoCareers Early Career Forum Award; ENDO 2018, Endocrine Society Outstanding Abstract Award

Aidan Gilchrist: Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship, MF3 Award

Catherine Applegate: College of ACES Award and Fellowship

Hailey Knox: World Molecular Imaging Congress, Scholar Award and Top Abstract

Parinaz Fathi: Research Live! Finalist

Slav Dvoretskiy: Graduate College Conference Travel Award; Department of Kinesiology and Community Health Conference Travel Award

Sushant Bangru: 20th RAN Rustbelt Conference, Award for Outtanding Poster Presentation

Whitney Sinclair: Chemical Engineering Graduate Research Symposium 2018, 2nd Place Poster Presentation Winner; NIH F31: Ruth L. Kirchstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Award; Research Live! Finalist