Joseph Peterson, PhD

Joe Peterson

Speaker Titles and Affiliations
Co-Founder, SimBioSys, Inc.

Speaker Degrees and Certifications: PhD
Speaker Web Page: SimBioSys Website
Educational Program: TiMe

Speaker Abstract
Joe Peterson is sharing a few insights gleaned from foundering of a biotech startup. He hopes to keep the class informal, but will have a bit of prepared material ranging from startup life-cycle and funding to customer discovery to IP. Please bring questions.

Come meet Joe Peterson, co-founder of Simbiosys, Inc. who will talk about entrepreneurship and the founding of Simbiosys. Learn more about him below.

A recent graduate from the Illinois Chemistry Department, Joe is interested in all things computing; however, he is most passionate for developing software to enable scientific discovery. Over the past 10 years, his research has ranged from investigating combustion and explosions, to analyzing the role of gene expression on cell phenotype.

Along the way, he has contributed to numerous software projects including the Uintah Computational Framework, Lattice Microbes, pyLM, pyGRN, and ITEP just to name a few. His goal at SimBioSys, Inc. is not merely to develop enterprise technologies for cancer R&D but to create a culture of excellence and innovation that enables transformative discoveries in the treatment of cancer.

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