Grady Carlson, PhD

Grady Carlson

Speaker Titles and Affiliations
Field Applications Scientist, PerkinElmer

Speaker Degrees and Certifications: PhD
Speaker Web Page: Dr. Carlson’s Website
Educational Program: TiMe

Dr. Grady Carlson is a field applications scientist with experience in basic and translation pathology-based research, with a focus on assay development for detection and characterization of biomarkers in tissues and circulating tumor cells. Grady joined PerkinElmer from The Baylor College of Medicine, where he researched breast cancer metastasis as a postdoctoral associate.

To advance the understanding of disease mechanisms in cancer, it is critical that you see everything the tumor has to show you. With our Phenoptics platform, you can visualize and measure tumor cells and multiple immune-cell phenotypes simultaneously in FFPE tissue. Phenoptics integrates multiplexed immunohistochemistry and imaging to quantitatively capture systems biology data with cellular detail. It reveals multi-parameter cellular expressions and interactions while retaining spatial context, offering insights into the complexity of immune cell-cancer interactions

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