Sushant Bangru


University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

TiMe Cohort Year

Main focus of research
Role of ESRP2 in Hepatic Maturation, Regeneration, and Cancer

Auinash Kalsotra

Sushant Bangru is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Biochemistry in Dr. Auinash Kalsotra’s lab. He received his BSc (Research) in Biological Sciences with honors from the Indian Institute of Science where he was also a KVPY fellow (2010-2015). Sushant is a past Ullyot fellow, and currently a T32 Tissue microenvironment (TiMe) fellow at the University of Illinois. He is currently studying the role of RNA processing in tuning the tissue microenviromnent during postnatal maturation, regeneration, and carcinoma in the context of the liver, as well as the involvement of splicing factor ESRP2 in these processes.